Growing up in a small town in the Eastern Townships bordering the State of Vermont, no one would have suspected that this introverted, playful, Hollywood-smiling little girl would become one day a country music artist and a gifted songwriter singer. From her hometown roots where family convictions and moral values were dominant, Sissi has forged a personality of her own, a blend of naiveté, confidence and determination.

After spending the last five years devoting all of her energy perfecting the quality of her work and refining the flavour and the essence of her music, Sissi is now presenting her body of work inspired by the ups and downs of her own life experiences and everything that has emotionally fed her soul.

As a songwriter, living those experiences has never discouraged her, on the contrary it has fortified her curiosity, forced her to excel above all and escape her comfort zone. As she often borrows the saying: “I wouldn’t change a thing that changed my life for the worst for the better but I know the best is still ahead. I’m a very fortunate person and life has been very good to me lately.”



© Sissi Cameron | Conception: Communications Grant Siméon Photographe